Emotional Intelligence

About emotional intelligence, what do we want from it and what is perfect emotional intelligence like.


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Emotional Intelligence

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is about how you feel, express, regulate and navigate your emotions.

It is about having compassion, empathy and understanding for your own and other's emotions.

Emotional Intelligence is about how you relate with, experience and choose how you express moods and feelings.

What Do We Want In Emotional Realm?

We want to take responsibility for our own feelings.

To have full understanding of why they arise and be cognisant of what they are.

To understand what they mean too.

We want to be able to follow simple rules which create positive emotional states and reinforce feeling good in wise and skilful ways.

To be able to easily and effectively resolve emotional tensity and conflicting situations.

We want to be able to find it easy to maintain appropriate emotional boundaries, while having empathy and compassion with other people’s emotional states.

We strive to embody a positive emotional state while feeling and transmuting more challenging emotions.

We want emotional maturity and ability to recognise and acknowledge a wide variety of feelings.

We want a positive, energetic, vibrant and productive emotional foundation.

Tools, frameworks, language and awareness to feel and express strong, powerful emotions in a skilful and life enhancing way.

Dexterity to switch between moods and states.

We want an ability and capacity to be fully present and feel our feelings completely.

To understand our own emotional landscape intimately.

What Is Perfect Emotional Intelligence?

Perfect Emotional Intelligence enables you to navigate through our emotions in a skilful and graceful way.

While maintaining a sense of grounded awareness of the fleeting nature of feelings.

It enables you to feel alive all of the time.

To be in control of your emotional experience direct your emotions in a way that enhances you enjoyment and appreciation of life.

Perfect Emotional Intelligence lets you experience life in its full emotion all the time.

It is about you enjoying the neutral state of your being too.

Having mastery over your emotional state.

Perfect Emotional Intelligence enables you to be influential and impact others in positive ways consistently and effortlessly.

It lets you harness the power of your emotions while enabling others to consistently and predictably gain greater emotional intelligence and have purposeful fulfilment.

With it you can deliberately and intentionally choose your core emotional state from an unshakable foundation of bliss, reverence and deep peace.

Feeling perfect all the time and being completely engaged in the moment is where perfect Emotional Intelligence resides.

Published on: 12 Aug 2018

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