Visual Intelligence

What is Visual Intelligence, what do we want from it and what is perfect Visual Intelligence like.


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Visual Intelligence

What Is Visual Intelligence?

Visual Intelligence is about how you deal with the visual realm.

How you draw, paint, design, illustrate and observe the world with your inner and physical eyes.

Visual Intelligence is also about the translation of what you see in your imagination to canvas, product, screen or stage.

What Do We Want From Visual Realm?

We want to be able to visualise with our mind's eye the perfect future for ourselves and humanity.

To be as visual a person regardless of our relative skill and ability as an artist.

To draw with natural flow and illustrate ideas and concepts in a comprehensive form.

We want to be able to translate from imagination into creation in an effective way.

To have a range of visual skills to draw upon for enhanced and more impactful visual communication.

We want to embrace and utilise a way of thinking in pictures and symbols, to reduce the need for using words.

To be artistic in the way we express ourselves in our communication.

We want to communicate in a way that is attractive to other people's vision and imagination.

What Is Perfect Visual Intelligence?

Perfect Visual Intelligence is presenting and sharing visuals which represent who you are in the most impactful ways.

It is being able to share with the world images you see in your mind.

Perfect Visual Intelligence enables you to illustrate the world as you see it.

It is about having ability to notice visual nuances and details in an instant.

Perfect Visual Intelligence gives your mastery over symbol literacy and visual expression.

It enables you to see what most other people miss out on, then work with it for greater gain in future.

Perfect Visual Intelligence enables you to master your imagination, drawing and communicating with highest visual impact.

All in an effortless way.

Published on: 19 Aug 2018

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