Technological Intelligence

What is Technological Intelligence, what do we want from it and what is perfect Technological Intelligence like.


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Technological Intelligence

What Is Technological Intelligence?

Technological Intelligence is about being smart with leveraging technology.

It is about awareness of advancing nature of innovative technologies.

Technological Intelligence choices of tooling when creating.

It is about developing digital skills to enable further enhancement of humanity.

What Do We Want From Technological Realm?

We want to identify utilise technology in ways that enhances our lives.

To use it to become a greater version of ourselves.

We want to then help others on their journey towards doing the same.

We want to understand new technology, its applications and its impact on humanity.

To interact with technology in the way we interact with nature.

To comprehend data about ourselves and use it to upgrade our lives.

We want as little technology to create as much impact as our potential allows for.

What Is Perfect Technological Intelligence?

Perfect Technological Intelligence enables you to be in total congruence with technology.

In a way that enables optimal ability to realise your potential in an effortless way.

It is your ability to work with technology to create your best self.

Perfect Technological Intelligence enables you to create your legacy on Earth.

To positively evolve humanity in the way only you know how.

It allows to tap into superhuman powers otherwise not available to you.

Perfect Technological Intelligence allows you as already having access to your inner technology.

It gives you ability to use technology in the most optimal way according to your potential.

To enjoy and leverage technology as a natural extension of yourself.

It also gives you ability to create new technological tools that give you more abundance.

Perfect Technological Intelligence allows you to always be aware that technology is there to serve you and humanity.

It gives you ability to use all technologies you need in an effortless way.

Published on: 19 Aug 2018

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