Physical Intelligence

What is physical intelligence, what do we want in this realm and what perfect physical intelligence is like.


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Physical Intelligence

What Is Physical Intelligence?

Physical intelligence is about the way your body functions.

It’s about your ability to govern your body in the way you intend.

It’s about how you breathe and leverage your breathing for reaching your full physical potential.

What Do We Want In Physical Realm?

We want our bodies to be as healthy possible.

To function in the most optimal way.

We want to be able to play, enjoy movement and be active.

We want a life of total physical pleasure and presence.

We want to gain new experiences through our bodies and explore the full range of what our bodies are capable of.

We want to improve on our personal best performances.

Challenge ourselves to progress to the next level.

We want physical independence while being able to enjoy physical interdependence.

To appreciate beauty and be beautiful.

We want excellent health, vitality, beauty and agility as our foundation.

Our normal, base state from which we do anything physical.

We want to have superabundance of physical energy all the time.

We want to be able to sleep well and be well all the time.

We want to be the sculptors of our bodies, starting from our minds.

What Is Perfect Physical Intelligence?

Perfect Physical Intelligence is about optimal functioning in all areas of your body.

Being at optimal weight, shape and performance.

Being able to breathe the right way in all circumstances.

Shallow, deep, quick, short or long breathing that serves your perfect physical presence.

Consuming the right diet at all times and knowing what it is right for you.

Having variety of nutrition and exercise that is perfect for your body.

Tailored to the way your body operates best.

Enjoying that diet, knowing that it is nourishing you in a perfect way.

Perfect Physical Intelligence is about your ability to progress in your physical development.

To keep your fitness throughout your life.

Walk, cycle, run, play sports and rest in optimal manner.

Whatever it is that you want to do physically, you do it all in an effortless manner.

Perfect Physical Intelligence is about being able to perform seamlessly at your optimum all the time.

It’s about experiencing every physical activity in a holistic state of absolute presence in the now.

It’s about feeling the uphill in the same way you feel the downhill.

It’s about a balance and optimal performance at all times.

Whether you are on your own or with a partner.

It’s blissfulness of physical expression.

It’s physical perfection of a sculpted body, like bringing a classic Greek statue into life.

It’s about self realised beauty and expression of that physical beauty in a godly manner.

Perfect Physical Intelligence is about having respect for your body and for other people’s bodies in equal manner.

It’s about appreciation of physical beauty you see around you.

It’s about being a superabundant physical source of energy that is always available to you in all circumstances.

Energy which you can use for yourself or pass on to other people to impact and influence them in positive ways.

It is about living a clean life, free of toxic substances.

Perfect physical intelligence is about physical fitness you always wanted.

Right here, right now and forever.

Published on: 12 Aug 2018

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