Financial Intelligence

What is financial intelligence, what do we want from it and what is perfect financial intelligence like.


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Financial Intelligence

What Is Financial Intelligence?

Financial Intelligence is about our attitude towards idea of money and currency.

It is about our views on money, economics, value and investing.

Financial Intelligence is about how we invest time, energy, money and resources.

It is about our perceptions and comprehension of value and worth.

Financial Intelligence is about understanding how money, financial systems and investing work.

What Do We Want In Financial Realm?

We want to know what it means to be financially intelligent.

To have resources available to do the things we love and know what we can afford.

We want to navigate financial realm and make wise decisions with money and investments.

To create financial growth and abundant wealth all the time.

To get paid for doing what we love and for being ourselves in a way that adds meaning and value.

We want to think and know in a way that develops and grows financial intelligence.

To value and reward other people's skills, experience and work in appropriate way.

We want to have skills, knowledge and awareness to invest wisely for short, medium and long term.

All in an effortless way.

What Is Perfect Financial Intelligence?

Perfect Financial Intelligence is using Financial Intelligence as an enabler of prosperity creation in effortless and consistent ways.

It is about using money as material that enables purposeful results.

It is about thinking through cashflow and sustainable economic systems.

It is about mastery of financial value calculations and being able to calculate value in fast and reliable way.

Perfect Financial Intelligence is about making prosperous financial decisions with wisdom and joy.

Accepting money and financial instruments as means towards progress.

It is seeing beyond having money as the final goal.

Perfect Financial Intelligence works with money and monetary aspects in a way that is as seamless as breathing.

Wealth gets generated from being true to self, your values, on purpose and happens in an effortless, easy and enjoyable way.

With perfect Financial Intelligence, creating profit is a playful game.

Perfect Financial Intelligence is about you abundant self-sustenance while including wider community in fair way.

Published on: 12 Aug 2018

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