Spiritual Intelligence

What is Spiritual Intelligence, what we want from it and what perfect Spiritual Intelligence is like.


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Spiritual Intelligence

What Is Spiritual Intelligence?

Spiritual Intelligence is about who you are in relation to God (aka Absolute Infinity) and the meaning of life.

It helps you relate to your identity beyond physical human form.

Spiritual Intelligence is about activating, expressing and leveraging qualities of your authentic self.

It is about how you embody, transmute and express wisdom and universal truth.

Spiritual Intelligence is about how you are as a being and your growth beyond physical realm.

It is about knowing what your full potential is.

It is a source of power which transmutes your potential into practical realisations.

What Do We Want In Spiritual Realm?

To have a direct and meaningful personal relationship with God, Source or The Universe.

To be able to tap into higher wisdom and intelligence.

To be aware of being aware and use that awareness to make improvements in your life.

We want to be able to make sense of developments in our lives from a greater perspective of meaning.

We want to tap into inspiration in an effortless way and have an omnipotent source of ideas.

We need to be able to transcend sometimes mundane aspects of life and maintain the drive to achieve more.

We want to use our spirituality to influence other people in positive and meaningful ways.

We want to tap into effortless omnipotence of our soul and express it in an easy way through our talents.

We want to ensure that our life's work has long term meaningfulness to humanity.

What Is Perfect Spiritual Intelligence?

Perfect Spiritual Intelligence is about direct experiencing of the essence of life.

Life that is whole, interconnected and infinite and that connects all on us on the planet.

All the time.

Perfect Spiritual Intelligence integrates our soul or source as a practical aspect of our life.

It is about aligning with a greater, ever lasting purpose that serves humanity in positive way.

Perfect Spiritual Intelligence enables psychological congruence of self with the rest of existence.

It helps us drive through the hard times and emerge productive and creative on the other end.

It gives us the power beyond human abilities to achieve and progress all the time.

It is the ultimate performance enhancing drug, available to us all the time.

Free of charge.

Able to set us free all the time.

Perfect Spiritual Intelligence is also a glue that binds all other intelligences into a congruent whole.

It also enables us to experience the entirety of existence in an instant.

This way Spiritual Intelligence catalyses our continuous growth in the observable reality.

Perfect Spiritual Intelligence enables us to live with a constant foundation of wisdom, joy, peace, reverence and love in a full, engaged, direct and participatory manner.

Perfect Spiritual Intelligence is available to us all the time and in an instant way.

It is always true and always helps us move forward in an effortless manner.

Published on: 13 Aug 2018

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