Creative Intelligence

What is creative intelligence, what do we want from it and what is perfect Creative Intelligence like?


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Creative Intelligence

What Is Creative Intelligence?

Creative Intelligence is about your mental ability to concept new ideas and expressing them in most effective ways.

It is about your mental ability to innovate.

To create solutions to challenges that seem impossible.

Creative Intelligence is about applying design to all aspects of our lives.

In simple terms Creative Intelligence is about your creativity and ability to be creative in all realms.

What Do We Want In Creative Realm?

We want to utilise and produce in a way that is most impactful and fulfilling.

We want to architect things of beauty, lasting value and high quality.

We want to enjoy the spark of initial creativity and maintain it through the process of making.

Focusing on loving the process and moving from idea and vision into completion.

We want to feel our creative gifts and harness them through the creative vehicles of our choice.

To have a constant and reliable stream of creativity to tap into and harness when required.

We want top quality ideas.

Ideas that are practical and sustainable for long term and make sense to other people.

We want to be able to constantly experiment and discover new syntheses.

To be able to enjoy play and creativity for no reason whenever it happens.

We want to have creative inspiration all the time.

To be able to create and draw inspiration from all aspects of the world around us.

We want to recognise that creativity has high value and that art is integral to a well-lived life.

We want to bring creative power into our daily practice in a way that’s embodied in all areas of our lives.

To enjoy our creative flow and be able to experience that flow in an effortless way always.

What Is Perfect Creative Intelligence?

Perfect Creative Intelligence is effortless, ongoing expression of your full creative potential.

Knowing that your life is your ever evolving unique artwork.

That you are the artist creating a purposeful and meaningful masterpiece from a soulful authentic intension.

It is about effortless application of integral creativity to all aspects of your existence.

Realisation that you create your life with every breath you take and every word you speak.

Perfect Creative Intelligence comes from the soul and is pure in its meaning and uniqueness.

It is available to you at all times.

It enables continuous evolution of amazing creations, both mental and physical.

Perfect Creative Intelligence flows through you in effortless manner and needs little or no correction to be perfect.

Once you unlock Perfect Creative Intelligence you become completely surrendered to the process of creation in all aspect of your life.

It becomes your natural way to be.

Published on: 15 Aug 2018

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