Conscious Intelligence

What is Conscious Intelligence, what do we want from it and what is perfect Conscious Intelligence like.


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Conscious Intelligence

What Is Conscious Intelligence?

Conscious Intelligence is about your level of mental awareness about everything.

It is the enabler of growth at meta levels of thinking and being.

Conscious Intelligence is a connection to the higher realms of multi-sensory knowing.

It is the catalyst to realising and embodying wholeness of being.

What Do We Want In Conscious Realm?

We want to rise in awareness and consciousness all the time.

To access a state of effortlessness, timelessness, richness and selflessness.

To be in a state that enables us to realise our potential in an enjoyable and effortless way.

To become conscious of where patterns and influences arise from and choose to use those that are skilful and drop those that are unskilful.

To be authentic, self-created, soulful and feel in control of our identity.

To have clarity of thought, especially in high pressure situations.

We want to experience constant growth and development in our awareness.

To be conscious of the present moment at all times and make the most of it.

What Is Perfect Conscious Intelligence?

Perfect Conscious Intelligence is being true to your authentic self all the time.

It allows for absolute inner freedom in life in all circumstances.

It is about awareness directed towards implementing your purpose in an enjoyable way.

Perfect Conscious Intelligence enables total integration of all aspects of yourself.

It enables total, authentic self-confidence arising from knowing that you are whole, perfect and always evolving.

Perfect Conscious Intelligence catalyses practical realisation of your natural talents and potential.

It allows for accepting yourself completely, compassionately and embracing others for who they are.

Published on: 16 Aug 2018

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